CleanCarburetor provides the ability to clean the carburetors on inside but without taking them a part. The bottom bowl retaining screw gets replaced with a purge valve. Through this valve from a pressurized can a specific cleaning mixture of air and a cleaning solvent gets injected inside the carburetor. The cleaning solvent reaches through all the small jets and passages inside the body of the carburetor and scrubs the remaining fuel and ethanol.

Remove carburetor bowl retaining screw

Replace carburetor bowl retaining screw with
CleanCarburetor Purge Valve

Pressurize carburetor with
CleanCarburetor purge gas

CleanCarburetor solution is the only one known method on how to completely purge the carburetors before the engines are put to storage at the end of the season. The entire procedure doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes. It leaves the carburetor in like new condition. .